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  • 17.01.14

    The Notices to Mariners nr 1 and the tidals charts for 2014 are available. You can order these publications of the Flemish Hydrography (Vlaamse Hydrografie) by post or you can make an appointment with Coastal Division to come and collect your copy at the reception desk in Ostend.

    For more information, go to

  • 20.12.13

    The coast guard secretariat wishes everyone happy holidays!

  • 18.12.13

    At the beginning of December 2013, the Dutch Hit and Run Cargo Team Rotterdam and the public prosecutor’s office organised an action against a drug smuggling operation by ship in the North Sea. The help of the Dutch Coast Guard was needed: the Royal Navy, a police helicopter and a police team specialised in arrests at sea, were mobilised.

  • 06.12.13

    From Thursday 05/12 afternoon until Friday 06/12 noon, a severe storm with northwesterly winds locally reaching 11 to 12 Bft will strike the whole North Sea and push seawater towards the Belgian coastline.

  • 17.10.13
    Afdeling Kust

    From Friday 25 October until Sunday 27 October you can  pay our coast guard partner Coastal Division a visit during Cap Okaz 2013 – NIBS - Nieuwpoort International Boat Show.

  • 15.09.13

    On the third Flemish Ports Day on Sunday 22 September, the ports of Ostend, Zeebrugge, Ghent and Antwerp open their doors. A unique opportunity to discover the hustle and bustle in the Flemish ports.

  • 26.08.13

    Friday 30th August 2013 the "safety day 112" takes place in Nieuwpoort.

  • 26.08.13

    Wednesday 21th August 2013 Jaak Raes (director-general Federal Public Service Interior and federal chairman of the Policy-making body of the Coast guard), Jacques D’Havé (administrator-general Maritime and Coastal Services and regional chairman Policy-making body of the Coast guard) and Carl Decaluwé (gouvernor of West -Flanders province and chairman Consultation body of the coast guard) visited the SWATHs (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) Wandelaar and Wielingen.

  • 20.08.13

    The new website is online. Here you can find lots of information, pictures and publications concerning safety onboard ships. Previs is a project of the Sea Fishery Fund (Zeevissersfonds) and aspires to preventing industrial accents on board of fishing vessels.

  • 14.08.13

    Did you recently graduate at a Flemish university or technical college (HOBU-type)? Is your thesis on a marine or coastal subject and are you proud of it? Then you should apply for the VLIZ Thesis Awards for Marine Sciences 2013! Subscribing is possible before the 30th of November 2013.