The coast guard keeps an eye on the sea

Coast guard


  • 20.08.13

    The new website is online. Here you can find lots of information, pictures and publications concerning safety onboard ships. Previs is a project of the Sea Fishery Fund (Zeevissersfonds) and aspires to preventing industrial accents on board of fishing vessels.

  • 14.08.13

    Did you recently graduate at a Flemish university or technical college (HOBU-type)? Is your thesis on a marine or coastal subject and are you proud of it? Then you should apply for the VLIZ Thesis Awards for Marine Sciences 2013! Subscribing is possible before the 30th of November 2013.

  • 15.07.13

    A sea turtle in your nets? A whale on the beach? MUMM's newest leaflet tells you what to do.

  • 28.06.13
    Exercise Polex 2013

    June 25th a Polex exercise was carried out near the windmill farm C-Power. This anti-pollution exercise aimed at testing and training the coordinated deployment of dispersants in and around the windmill farms. Dispersants are chemical products, more in particular, detergents that are specifically used for combating oil at sea. By spraying dispersants onto the oil, the natural dispersion of an oil slick (wave energy resulting in the breaking down of the oil slick into tiny droplets which are released into the water column and are thus diluted) can be accelerated greatly.

  • 23.05.13
    Defense - Crocus

    Are you fascinated by the navy? Would you like to board a frigate or a patrol boat? You'll get the chance on July 6th and 7th during the Navy Days. 

  • 22.05.13
    Bonnex exercise 2013

    Thursday 16th May, a pollution-combating exercise took place off the coast of Duinkerke, Belgium.

  • 22.05.13

    From 23 May until 26 May the fourteenth edition of 'Ostend at Anchor' (Oostende voor Anker) will take place. This year's theme is shipping in the middle ages.
    170 ships will be present and lots of concerts, expositions and other spectacles on shore complete the programme.

  • 08.05.13
    Operation Opera 2013

    Please see Dutch or French translation.

  • 30.04.13
    Afdeling Kust

    On Saturday May 4th, you can test out the brand new 'do it yourself-installations' about floods and climate change for the occasion of the 'week of the sea'.

  • 16.04.13
    Opendoor ATCC 2013

    May 24th, from 12.30pm to 19pm the Air Traffic Control Centre (ATCC) in Semmersake opens its doors to the public.