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  • 26.05.2023 Cyber threats in the maritime sector

    In January 2023, the maritime world was impacted on a large scale by a ransomware attack on a leading classification society. More than 1,000 ships were affected. That attack is unfortunately not an isolated incident: in recent years, the entire maritime sector, from ports to passenger ships to classification societies, has been the target of cyber attacks on several occasions.    

    That is why the Cybersecurity Working Group within the European Coast Guard Forum was set up a few years...

  • 08.05.2023 The coast guard and monitoring and inspection of fisheries

    What technologies are used and can potentially be used in the future for the monitoring and inspection of fisheries? What are the current and future developments in fisheries control? How does Belgium do it? What does the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) do and how do other European Union coastguard partners conduct fisheries control? How does this work in practice?