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  • 20.08.14

    It is not necessary to share your pack of french fries or your portion of fresh shrimp with seagulls. They do have food enough. If they are constantly fed by humans, they will no longer go find food themselves. They will tear garbage bags open which causes the street to be full of litter and which attracts vermin. Rooftops, cars and sidewalks are covered in seagull excrement. Moreover, seagulls are known to come and steal food out of people's hands, which can prove dangerous, especially for small children.

    Did you know that is forbidden by law to feed seagulls? If you go ahead and do it anyway, you risk a heavy fine in most coastal municipalities along the Belgian coast?

  • 18.08.14

    Our coast guard partner Vloot is recruiting an assistant to the SHEQ-manager and a technical project assistant. Applications should be received by August 31st 2014.

    More information on

  • 30.07.14

    Our coast guard partner Pilotage is looking for pilots. More information on Apply before September 14th 2014.

  • 17.07.14
    Coastal weather forecast

    Planning a day at the seaside and you want to know what the weather forecast is? Surf to or check the coastal weather forecast on your smartphone.

    The agency for Maritime Services and Coast (MDK) makes a special weather forecast for the coast. It is updated four times a day and split between the westcoast (De Panne to Oostende) and the eastcoast (Oostende to Knokke-Heist). You can also see webcam images of several coastal municipalities.

  • 16.07.14

    July 14th, the governor of West-Flanders province chaired a meeting with regard to the salvaging of the wreck of the Baltic Ace. The Baltic Ace, a car carrier, collided with the container carrier Corvus J on the night of December 5th, 2012 and sank. This happened 65 kilometres off the Dutch coast, very close to Belgian waters.

    Because the wreck is located in the centre of one of the busiest international shipping routes,it has been decided to salvage it completely. The Dutch ministry responsible for shipping traffic, started salvage works in May 2014.

    At this meeting, the Dutch ministry provided the governor and the coast guard partners with a progress report on the ongoing works and a procedure was established on how to pass on information to the Belgian coast guard partners. The salvage works are expected to be finalized by the end of 2015.

  • 14.07.14
    NH90 Open door

    On Wednesday July 16th our coastguard partner Defence opens the doors of the aerial base Koksijde. Between 1pm and 5pm you can go and see the new NH90-NFH-helicopters, replacement for the Seaking helicopters.
    Admission is free.

    More information on the website of the ministry of Defence.

  • 10.07.14

    Today, July 10th, the P901 Castor, the Belgian Defence's new patrol vessel will be inaugurated in Zeebrugge naval base. Together with the P902 Pollux, still under construction, the new patrol vessels will take over the tasks of the three Ready Duty Ships Stern, Valcke and Albatros.

    The second patrol vessel, Pollux, should be finalized within six months. It is the first time in 20 years time that the ministry of Defence has its own vessels built.

    The new ships have a wide operational capability and will mainly be used for coast guard tasks in cooperation with Customs and the Waterway and River police.  Every patrol vessel has a crew of 15, with room for another 15 passengers, which allows for interventions to be carried out together with other coast guard partners or in an international context.

    Video Castor

  • 07.07.14
    Vacancy Coastal Division

    Our coast guard partner Coastal Division is looking for a contract manager, a surveyor and a supervisor. More information on Apply before July 13.

  • 04.07.14
    Surveillance airplane

    Our coast guard partner the Operational Directorate for Natural Environments of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences is recruiting a marine researcher who will work on research projects in the field of remote sensing of coastal waters project.
    Applications, including a curriculum vitæ, should be received by 10th July 2014.
    More information on

  • 03.07.14
    Godetia (©Delcom IPR)

    During the the Navy Days on July 5th and 6th in the naval base in Zeebrugge,you get the chance to board Belgian and foreign navy vessels and there are various information booths. You can also enjoy different concerts and for the more adventurous there is a climbing tower.
    Some of our coast guard partners also participate to this opendoor.

    Free entrance - 10am until 18pm - Naval Base Zeebrugge
    More information: Navy Days 2014