La garde côtière veille sur la mer

Garde côtière

For a safer and healthier North Sea: Coast guard operation Opera

June 7th and 8th several coast guard partners participated in the operation Opera. Teams of the maritime and river police, customs and the sea fisheries service boarded the patrol vessel Castor of the Belgian navy in order to carry out inspections along the Belgian coast. They could count on the support of the surveillance airplane of the Management Unit for the North Sea Mathematical Models (MUMM) and the Maritime Security Centre Belgium (MIK) in Zeebrugge.

During the operation, multiple infractions were identified in the domains of navigational safety, marine environment and fishery. One inspection revealed such a grave infraction that the vessel had to be escorted back to port and another inspection led to the confiscation of an illegal fishing net. Moreover, a surveillance mission was also completed. 

Opera June 16