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Coast guard

Retirement Jacques D'havé

August 1st 2018, administrator-general Jacques D'havé from the agency for Maritime and Coastal services is retiring. Not only was he in charge of the four coast guard partners unified in the agency (Coastal Divison, Shipping Assistance Division, Pilotage and Fleet), he was also chairman of the Coast Guard's policy-making body. We want to take this opportunity to thank captain D'havé for the years of coopeation, his pragmatic handling and solution-oriented thinking, his continuous availability and for the crucial role he played in the creation of the Coast Guard structure. We wish him a well-earned retirement!

Mr. D'havé is succeeded by Mrs. Nathalie Balcaen, who was up until now maritime and logistic advisor for the regional minister of Mobility and Public Works. The Coast Guard is not an unknown factor to her, since she used to work at our coast guard partner Coastal Division as the deputy head of Flemish Hydrography and director Coastal Development.