The coast guard keeps an eye on the sea

Coast guard

New Campaign Image Coast Guard

On the Flemish Ports Day of this year, the structure Coast Guard has unveiled its new campaign image.
The Coast Guard guards the coast. That’s what both its name and its logo stand for. Take a close look at the logo and you’ll discover an eye. The eyelids above and below are made up of two waves, moving in opposite directions.

The sea, which is continually in motion following tidal movement, is the perfect symbol for the Coast Guard, a very dynamic and vigilant body which takes pride in fulfilling its evolving public role to the best of its abilities.
The iris of the eye, in the centre of the logo, is a light blue sphere, a reference to the globe we all live on: planet Earth. This is not coincidental, since the environment is one of the Coast Guard’s principal concerns.
The campaign image does not merely represent vigilance and wakefulness; it also stands for humanity, commitment, transparency and communication. The Coast Guard keeps (literally) a close eye on compliance with these values.
The sole colour to be found in the campaign image is, evidently, blue. Blue is traditionally the colour of the sea, the wide skies and maritime affairs in general. Various tones of blue can be distinguished, respresenting the multiple tasks performed by the Coast Guard and all the coast guard partners: there is navy-blue, the blue of the Agency for Maritime Services and Coast, police-blue, customs-blue.