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How many ship wrecks counts the North Sea?

Officially 240 wrecks have been located in the Belgian part of the North Sea by the Coast Division of the Agency Maritime Services and Coast. However, there are a lot more wrecks situated in the North Sea , at a rough estimate, some thousands.

The website of the Flemish Hydrography ( contains a wreck database. The Flemish Institute for National Heritage ( developed a database for maritime heritage, where information on wrecks, items to be found underwater and drowned settlements in Belgian waters can be consulted.

A number of other websites of projects of interest: 

  • the Wreck site ( contains a lot of information on wrecks in the North Sea , sea charts and pictures
  • the research project BEWREMABI (BElgian WRecks for MArine BIodiversity) studies the biodiversity on and around ship wrecks in Belgian waters
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