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What is the EEZ or Exclusive Economic Zone?

The Exlusive Economic Zone borders the territorial waters. The EEZ consists out of the waters above the seabed, the seabed itself and the foundation. Within the EEZ a coastal state has the right to execute certain activities such as scientific research, the production of energy (e.g. windmill parks), fishery, construction of artificial islands, …

For the North Sea, the various coastal states have established the demarcation of their Exclusive Economic Zones in a treaty. Belgium's EEZ consists out of that part of the North Sea, whose outer border is defined by a line, consisting out of segments and which connects the following coordinates in the order as stipulated beneath:

1. 51°16'09" N02°23'25" O

2. 51°33'28" N 02°14'18" O

3. 51°36'47" N 02°15'12" O

4. 51°48'18" N 02°28'54" O

5. 51°52'34,012" N 02°32'21,599" O

6. 51°33'06" N 03°04'53" O

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The North Sea mapped out